Friday, May 31, 2013

CELEBRITY NEWS: Stone Temple Pilots/Chester Bennington Tour Inspires Beloved ‘90s Bands to Reunite with New, Horrible Frontmen

Photo courtesy of Rolling Stone.

Rock fans the world over were shocked last week when ‘90s grunge stalwarts, The Stone Temple Pilots ousted their longtime frontman Scott Weiland and replaced him with Chester Bennington, best known as the singer and primary songwriter for Linkin Park. The aftershocks of the decision resounded throughout the web, with fans taking to message boards and social media outlets to register their support or disapproval.

But while the move has polarized listeners, it’s had an unexpected impact on the wider musical community, many of whom have also come forward to unveil new and absolutely intolerable pairings to the public.

In a recent press conference with MTV, Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea has announced that Fred Durst, formerly of Limp Bizkit, will be touring with the band in lieu of longtime lead singer Anthony Kiedis. “We’ve always regarded Limp Bizkit as the musical progeny of RHCP, and I’m not embarrassed to say that Fred’s rendition of ‘Suck My Kiss’ blows Anthony’s right out of the water,” Flea told reporters. “It’s like he was born to rap over rock music.”

White Zombie bandmates Sean Yseult, J. Yuenger, and John Tempesta have announced a reunion tour with a new vocalist of their own: Chad Kroger. A recent post on Tempesta’s blog revealed, “Rob [Zombie] is too busy with his solo career and his scary movies and [stuff]. Still, we just wanted to get back together and make music, and Chad’s been perfect. He’s got frizzy hair and a beard, and he says ‘Yeah’ just as well, if not better, than Rob.”

Other bands who have announced new line-ups over the past week include No Doubt, going on tour with Avril Lavigne; Pearl Jam, collaborating with Scott Stapp; and The Offspring, who entered the studio on Friday to record a new album with Gerard Way.

Rolling Stone’s Will Hermes has hailed the news of these unconventional reunions as “an unambiguously great thing for the state of rock ‘n’ roll,” adding that the collaborations “should breathe new life into the careers of these legacy acts.”

“Plus, for the first time in a decade, I feel like I actually recognize the names of all the artists being mentioned in the headlines,” Hermes said.

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