Thursday, April 11, 2013

Submitting to the PCS

Everyone knows that the Progressive Cinema Scorecard is fun to read, but it's a well-kept secret that it's even more fun to score a movie yourselves, while at the same time probably adding years to your life.

Do you like watching movies? Some of which may be of dubious quality? Do think you have funny things to say about them? Do you often feel like there should be a more accurate system of valuing the components of a film that make it watchable (or unwatchable)? Have you reviewed the scorecard of a previous film on the site and felt that our tried and true formula may have missed a score (or two), thus your contribution could help us further refine the accuracy of our final scores? Then stop being lazy and help us out by doing something for science.

Send pitches and inquiries to

If your proposal grabs our interest, we'll get in touch with you about next steps for submitting your score adjustments, or possibly your own scorecard.

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