Thursday, February 13, 2014

PCS Staff Bios

Sean McConnell, Editor in Imagination

Sean McConnell was born and is currently alive somewhere in Chicago. He is a writer/director/designer of a bunch of stuff and has been the Editor in Imagination at The Progressive Cinema Scorecard since its creation in 2013. He is also a co-founder and Executive Director of 15 Feet Productions. His work is kind of all over the place and can generally be found where you least expect it.

Joe Hemmerling, Editor in Actuality

No one has laid eyes on Joe Hemmerling for nearly four years now. There are rumors that he lives in a bunker deep under the earth in Northwest Ohio. There are rumors that he has taken a wife named Amanda who acts as his liason to the outside world. There are rumors that he keeps his toenail and hair clippings in jars with the hopes that he can one day use them to raise a clone army made entirely from his own genetic material. All that is known for certain is that Joe maintains detailed files on his past friends and acquaintances, files which he uses to extort their continued participation in the Progressive Cinema Scorecard.

TJ Geise, Senior Editor of Doing Work

T. J. first joined the Scorecard Technician community after converting Joe to Catholicism. His past experience includes being a Keith David impersonator, pineapple shucker, and emu jockey. When not stretching the limits of the nanobots, T. J. spends his free time calling customer service numbers just to chat.

Andrew Daar

Andrew Daar is Andrew Daar, and has only ever been anyone else for about 5 minutes in the winter of 2011. The details of those 5 minutes are remembered only by the nanobots. His body's origin is mid-80s Chicago, but his soul probably passed through the not-exactly fictional land of Amestris on the way to joining his body. He works with Chicago production companies Whiskey Wry and 15 Feet, ostensibly to write and produce comedic material, but possibly for other, more mysterious purposes as well. If you ask nicely, he may reveal why birds suddenly appear every time you are near. The answer may turn your hair white (or, if it is already white, will turn it clear).

Nick Enquist

Nick Enquist is a writer, comedian, starving artist, martial arts practitioner and aficionado, swing dancer, and all around good guy. He has studied comedy writing at Second City, and is currently working in the sketch group Whiskey Wry Productions. (Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.) Nick Enquist is currently obtaining his Master’s at DePaul University in Writing and Publishing.

Stacey Hanlon

Being a huge fan of horror, action, Grindhouse and other “alternative” cinema, Stacey Hanlon is thrilled to be a part of The Progressive Cinema Scorecard family. When not writing scorecards, Stacey creates chainmail and leather  jewelry and accessories inspired by horror, heavy metal, and gaming and sells them online at her shop, Bent Metal Craftworks. In 2014, Stacey will be getting up from the computer and going out to meet fans face-to-face as a vendor at the horror conventions Days of the Dead-Indy, Flashback Weekend, and Days of the Dead-Chicago.

Maya Mackrandilal

Maya Mackrandilal is an incarnation of the goddess Parvati, worshipped by a select group of devotees who make offerings of chocolate and whiskey in her honor every full moon. She is the patron of feminazis, who offer blood-sacrifice to her in order to bring about the new age of global matriarchy, where all white men will be forced to stay at home sniffing dirty diapers. She has been known to haunt the darkest nightmares of Mike Hukabee, John Boehner, and most Ron Paul supporters. Pat Robertson once called her the beating heart of the homosexual agenda. When she appeared to Sarah Palin in a prescription-drug-induced hallucination, Palin passed out from exposure to extreme socialism. She was number three on the Drudge Report's list of "5 things worse than Benghazi" and was awarded the honor of "twitter-reverse-racist" by Ed Winkleman. Her apparition is often sighted in Chicago, and seems to frequent coffee-shops, independent bookstores, and purveyors of bahn mi.

Alexander Pearlstein

Alexander Pearlstein currently resides in Los Angeles, where he dallies about in such areas as education, writing, and making sandwiches. If you are conducting a Google search to see if Mr. Pearlstein may be a good fit for your current place of employment, and happen to be a fan of or worked on the movie End of Watch, let's just assume that this isn't the same Alexander Pearlstein you're looking for. 

Ryan VenHuizen

Ryan VenHuizen completed the Second City writing program in July of 2013, where he co-wrote the revue Post Traumatic Sketch Disorder. Ryan was also a finalist in the Second City Training Center's Write Off! competition in April of 2013, where he produced three scenes that were performed at Donny's Skybox in Chicago, IL. Additionally, Ryan is a co-founder of Whiskey Wry Productions, a group of writers and producers that develop sketch comedy revues. Whiskey Wry’s first independently produced show A Sack Full of Coal ran for three weeks at Gorilla Tango: Bucktown in December of 2013.

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