Thursday, November 7, 2013

Walking Dead, Season 4 Episode 4

Big things are afoot in the prison. With all of the nonessential characters (and a few essential ones) laid low by a super-flu outbreak and Daryl leading a search party to retrieve potentially life-saving drugs from a faraway veterinary clinic, it’s up to Rick and Carol to head into town and try to find enough supplies to keep the community afloat in the meantime. Given last episode’s revelation about Carol’s newfound penchant for stabbing people and burning their corpses, though, we’re thinking Rick is in for one awwwwwwkward car ride.
  • In the Walking Dead comic book, Tyrese was a complex character and a strategic thinker who quickly became Rick’s second-in-command. So, of course, in the show he’s portrayed as a sulking ragemonster. = -12pts 
  • Zombie falling down stairs. = +4pts 
  • In the remains of a once-affluent suburb, Rick and Carol uncover something even more terrifying than the living dead: hippies. = -2pts 
  • Daryl’s response to D’Angelo Barksdale’s heartfelt confession: “That’s bullshit.” = +7pts 
  • …And so, is it any wonder that, for the second time in just four episodes, D’Angelo almost kills everyone in the group while trying to get a drink? = -2pts 
  • Suburban hippies get eaten, proving that even a cloud as dark as the zombie apocalypse has a silver lining. = +8pts 
  • Carol takes her banishment into a nightmarish wasteland populated by flesh-eating ghouls with greater equanimity than a losing contestant on Chopped. = +5pts 
  • But unfortunately this means that the most interesting female character on the show has just been written off. = -6pts
Total Score = +2pts
Season Score = +61pts

A relatively low-key episode, but one that will surely have some serious long-term consequences. How is Daryl going to take to his platonic lifemate being abandoned in the post-human wilderness? Only time will tell…

Score Technician: Joe Hemmerling

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