Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Walking Dead, Season 4 Episode 6

We now interrupt this stellar season of AMC’s The Walking Dead with an update on everyone’s favorite homicidal pirate, The Governor.
  • Taking a break from a good season to flashback to a bad one. = -10pts 
  • Thank God there was an on-the-nose song handy to explain, quickly, how we should interpret the actions of the suddenly superiorly coiffed Governor. = -2pts 
  • Zombie Apocalypse Note: Governors must first be invited into your home before they can drain the life from you, or your show. = +2pts 
  • Wasting a good can of SpaghettiOs?! WTF!? Hands down—apocalypse or no—worst decision The Governor’s ever made. = -4pts 
  • You know how cheap AMC is when they shoot an entire sequence in an old folks' home and don’t even bother with the zombie make-up. = +3pts (ZING!) 
  • What? The song wasn’t enough for you? How about a shave and a haircut? Is that an appropriate metaphor for a state of mind? = - 4pts 
  • Or would a game of chess be better? = -6pts (Guess who’s the king and who’s the pawn? No, seriously, guess. SAVE US. THEY’RE RUNNING OUT OF CLICHES. WE MUST UNDERSTAND THAT HE’S A CHANGED (BUT NOT REALLY) MAN.) 
  • Zombie Apocalypse Note: If you take in an abandoned long-haired vagrant with an eye patch, chances are he’s seen some shit. So, look, just don’t get all weird about it when you see him use a large dinosaur bone to rip off the top of a zombie’s head in a fit of survivalist rage. Do everyone a favor, act like you’ve been there before. = +10pts
Episode Score: -11pts
Season Score: +87pts

We all needed a breather after 3 episodes of zombie super-flu. So it stands to reason that taking a day off to visit with one of the show’s least successful translations from page to screen might have seemed like a good idea. The fact that AMC greenlit a spin-off show has us concerned that we may have been force-fed a test pilot nobody really wanted to see. So, no thanks, AMC. We’d rather eat a cold can of SpaghettiOs than do that. (To be fair, there aren’t many things we’d rather do than eat a cold can of SpaghettiOs, but still…)

Score Technician: Sean McConnell

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