Thursday, October 31, 2013

Walking Dead, Season 4 Episode 3

Captain Tripps continues his extended cameo on the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, thus sparing us, the viewers, from another episode featuring the (now) ridiculous Governor (Talk about lost in translation!). Don’t be mad, David Morrissey! We’ll always have State of Play (and that episode of Dr. Who)!

  • For reminding us how gravedigging was likely developed by a gatherer culture with nothing exciting to do all day. = +3pts
  • Daryl tossing in the towel during the Rick vs. Tyrese fight, thus preventing a possible hate crime. = +10pts (Merle rolling over in his grave is an added bonus…and likely because he is a zombie now. SPOILER ALERT!)
  • Who’s going to speak in homily once Hershel buys it? = No points. Just a legitimate question.
  • Needing a pep-talk from your younger teenage sister who also happens to be the only person taking care of a baby in a jail full of plague and zombies. = -2pts (Seriously, grow a pair…of something.)
  • D’Angelo’s natural suspicion of his fellow prison inmates. = +1pt (You know, because it didn’t work out so well last time.)
  • Having to abandon your car because your rear tires are skidding out on a pile of moaning corpses. = +10pts #zombiepeopleproblems
  • Waiting in a car surrounded by a zombie herd for the purposes of dramatic effect. = -2pts
  • Subsequently fighting your way through a herd of zombie with nothing but your average hammer for the purposes of dramatic effect. = +10pts
  • Oh, good! We were wondering how good this new doctor was. After coughing up a mouthful of blood on Hershel’s face, we have our answer: shitty. = -5pts 

Total Points: +25pts
Season Total: +59pts

The Walking Dead continues its string of strong episodes with another more than tolerable episode. It should be noted that this episode was written by creator Robert Kirkman, who should be commended for not George R. R. Martin-ing the episode, which had previously been his wont to do.

Score Technician: Sean McConnell

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