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Daredevil Season 1, Episodes 1 - 4
Score Technician: Nick Enquist

There’s no denying that Marvel is now ruling the cinematic world. With roughly two big action packed films a year, Marvel’s crown seems to firmly placed on its head as “King of all Movies.” However, television success seems to have eluded Marvel. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is considered mediocre at best, and audiences seem to have forgotten all about Agent Carter. But, back in 2013, Marvel and Netflix struck a deal to create five new shows based off of Marvel properties; the focus being on Marvel’s “street level” characters. And what better way to start off than with the Man Without Fear himself? So here's Daredevil. Is this the show that will finally allow them to triumph over yet another medium? Or is the show forever tainted by Ben Affleck's 2003 outing? Let’s check with our binge watching nanobots to find out.

Episode 1
  • Opening your show with having a father discover that his kid was blinded by radioactive chemicals after saving an old man's life. Pretty ballsy to start the show with a small child screaming in agony. = +6pts
  • Using confession to ask forgiveness for what you're about to do. It’s been years since Sunday school, but we’re pretty sure Jesus doesn’t work like that. = -2pts
  • Donning a simple a black outfit to take on a group of armed human traffickers with your bare hands. = +9pts
  • Being woken up by your law partner (Foggy Nelson), who also happens to be a former Mighty Duck. = +2pts.
  • After acquiring an office in Hell’s Kitchen, Nelson & Murdock agree to defend Karen Page who is being framed for a murder. Considering the evidence against her, she's taking her chances with the lawyers who’ve only been practicing law for seven hours. = +3pts
  • Reveling in the fact that there’s a new vigilante on the street, because you're profiting from the collateral damage caused by other superheroes? Damn. The Avengers have got some explaining to do. = +10pts
  • Being attacked by a security guard whose daughter is being threatened by a nut who works for a shadowy crime organization/corporation. = +10pts (For making your nebulous conspiracy even more confusing. The nanobots love a challenge.)
  • Bailing on your blind lawyer's offer to sleep on his couch so that you can sneak back home to retrieve a copy of the information that got you in this jam in the first place. = -3pts
  • Being surprised that someone was waiting there to murder you. = -4pts
  • Saving the day! Which in this case means getting your ass cut up and beaten in the rain. = +4pts
  • Remembering some inspiring advice from your dead father about not becoming a fighter in order to help you get up and start fighting again…. Wait = +6pts
  • Exposing the corporation that’s trying to kill your client, only to watch as crime continues to run rampant through the city due to an ominous figure known as the Kingpin of Hell’s Kitchen. = +6pts (For being good TV.)
  • Ending your first episode with human traffickers kidnapping a small boy, while your hero hears his screams in the distance. = +7pts (Next episode!)
Episode 2
  • Being discovered in full vigilante garb and passed out in a dumpster by some street rat and an off duty nurse. It’s okay Matt, we’ve all been there. = +4pts
  • Drinking with your client because she doesn’t want to go home. = +2pts (Alcohol, the solution to every problem.)
  • Helping a beaten vigilante, because he’s helped so many people. = +4pts
  • Calling yourself "Mike" when your name is really "Matt." = -6pts (For making a reference only five of us will find funny!)
  • Freaking out because you can't get blood out of your carpet. = -3pts (Did you start with lemon juice, Karen? Did you?!)
  • Russian mobster pretending to be a cop, thus renewing our hero's desire to pound Russian faces. = +4pts
  • Taking your captive to the roof so that you can "interrogate" him. = +2pts
  • Throwing said Russian off the roof. = +30pts (For being the first “HOLY FUCK!” moment on the show.)
  • Beating up most of the Russian mafia in a one take fight scene reminiscent of Old Boy, and The Raid. = +50pts
  • Saving the kid. = +3pts (For illustrating the benefits of the binge model.)
Episode 3
  • Opening on a hit man’s job gone wrong. = +4pts
  • Hiring Nelson and Murdock. = +3pts (Duh!)
  • Courtroom drama with superheroes! = +7pts (Nobody tell Dick Wolf that this idea exists.)
  • Hiring the best superhero lawyer on TV and then hedging your bets by blackmailing one of the jurors. Hm, the conspiracy thickens... = +2pts
  • Hiring a reporter (and first black character!) to help you look into the company that tried to have you killed. = +4pts (This will end great for first black character!)
  • Helping your client avoid death row even though you suspect he’s hiding something worse. = +3pts
  • Beating up your own client just so you can get the name of the guy who hired him. = +3pts
  • Giving your hitman client a few bucks for a cab so that he can get out of--HOLY FUCK, HE JUST SHOVED HIS OWN HEAD THROUGH A RUSTY SPIKE! = +20pts
  • Being a homicidal criminal masterminds with bland artistic taste. = +3pts
Episode 4
  • Micromanaging your Russian co-conspirators in their attempts to catch the guy who has been pounding their faces. = -6pts (Maybe if you weren't so micromanage-y, Mr. Fisk, your employees would be happier. And more alive.)
  • Asking your art dealer out on a date in the most adorkable way possible. How could anyone so wonderfully awkward, be a crime boss? = +5pts
  • The Russian gangsters discover that Claire has a relationship to the masked man, and decide to kidnap her. = +6pts (We smell some face beatings...)
  • Adorably rocking that first date. Seriously, how can Fisk be a crazed criminal? He so cuddly and likable. = +5pts (For making us want to pinch his cheeks.)
  • Claire's resilience under Russian interrogation. = +3pts
  • Beating the shit out of all the Russian mobsters whom you have yet to beat the shit out of. = +6pts
  • Deciding to ask your boss for help in stopping the masked man. = -3pts
  • Doing so rudely in the middle of his adorable first date. = -5pts
  • Hiding your nurse friend in your apartment because, you know, it's safe. = +3pts
  • Adorable and sweet Wilson Fisk decides to have a talk with the Russian mobster who crashed his date… And by "having a talk" we meant SQUISHING HIS HEAD IN THE CAR DOOR REPEATEDLY UNTIL YOU SMASH OFF THE TOP PART OF IT!  = +20pts (For not being so adorable about it.)
Total Score: +216pts

This show is awesome. Plain and simple. It’s the best TV show Marvel has ever produced. Time will tell if it's on the same level as The Wire and Game of Thrones with its intriguing character specific stories and action. Each actor brings a great three dimensional performance. The writing is solid. The action is spectacular. It’s a perfect level of dark, without taking itself too seriously. This is a whole new level for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, raising the bar for both TV superhero shows, and Marvel properties. Give this show a watch now! And if you watched it already, watch it again!

The PCS Daredevil Summer Reading List:

Most of the PCS technicians are huge Daredevil fans, and to make this scorecard a little bit more special, we decided to write about our favorite Daredevil comics. And since Nick Enquist started us off, he’ll have the honor of writing about one of his personal favorites.

"God, where to start? There are way too many good Daredevil comics out there, but my personal favorite story would have to be Frank Miller’s and John Romita Jr.’s The Man Without Fear. The story is amazingly well paced, and beautifully drawn, with a level of violence and darkness that is entertaining and fun to read. The book is a retelling of the Daredevil origin story, and was a huge influence for the TV Series. Other favorites of mine are Ed Brubaker’s The Devil Cell Block D where Daredevil gets arrested and jailed for being Daredevil. Think OZ but with vigilantes, and superpowers. The first twelve issues of Brian Michael Bendis’ run are also fantastic, and disturbingly intriguing, and evokes The Godfather and other great mobster movies. And as for current comics starring old horn-head, I cannot recommend the current Mark Waid run enough. Which issues or storylines? All of them!"

Happy reading!

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