Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 14

So, it will come as no secret to loyal readers of the PCS that Walking Dead has been in kind of a funk, combining all the excitement of watching a bunch of people wander aimlessly through abandoned countryside with some of the most heavy-handed character development this side of an afterschool special. But this week’s episode promised something a little different, a development that would shock and horrify the blogosphere. Is it enough to shake off the late-season torpor that’s been afflicting cable’s number one drama? Only the nanobots can say for sure.
  • Writers are laying the saintliness on Mika a little thick, aren’t they? = -2pts 
  • Is that fire off in the distance a remnant of Daryl and Beth’s bender? = -3pts (+3pts for the subtle callback, -6pts for reminding us of the ending to that episode) 
  • “My mom used to say, ‘Everything works out the way it’s supposed to.’” Jesus, guys, why didn’t you just paint a target on Mika’s forehead and call it a day? = -8pts 
  • Carol, Tyrese, and the kids find their way to an abandoned pecan farm that will in no way transform into a site of unimaginable horror and tragedy by the end of this episode. = +10pts 
  • Zombie tag! Your bit! = +3pts
  • Lizzie’s freakout over the slain walker reminds us why we never really liked her character. = -7pts 
  • Upon spotting a deer in the wooded area near the cottage, Carol hands Mika the rifle and asks her to take the shot. = -2pts (Because it totally makes sense to stake your ability to eat for the night on the will and aim of a ten year old girl.) 
  • Zombie burn victim massacre! = +9pts 
  • Convincing a psychopathic eleven-year-old who just murdered her sister NOT to kill a baby because little Judith “wouldn’t be able to walk” after she turned. = +15pts 
  • Shooting an 11-year-old in the back of the head. = +25pts 
  • …But robbing Carl of his rightful kill yet again. = -7pts (See the comic.) 
  • Tyrese’s forgiveness of Carol for killing his girlfriend is heartwarming, but feels a little forced. = -3pts
Total Score = +30pts
Season Score = +244pts

A super eventful episode. Child-on-child violence. The loss of another set of surrogate daughters. Tyrese learning the identity of his girlfriend’s murderer. There’s enough legitimate drama packed into these forty-some-odd minutes to mostly make up for its occasional lapse into ham-fistedeness.

Score Technician: Joe Hemmerling

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