Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Arrow, Season 3 (Eps 5-7)

The PCS coverage of CW’s Arrow continues! Origin stories, sidekicks, boxing glove arrows, and gripping whatever CW calls “drama” are all prevalent in the third season of Oliver Queen’s quest to save his city. Let’s hope that this season ends with only minor property damage. Nanobots, draw back your bows and let’s see what you find!

Episode 5
  • Triple training montage galore! = +9pts (Because, it’s divisible by three.)
  • Flashback showing another attractive actor made ugly with an awful wig. = -3pts (What did they do to you Felicity!)
  • The painful “Thea Queen being obnoxious while Oliver is being judgmental” scene is over with early in this episode. = +2pts
  • Felicity’s mom has got it going on! =+5pts
  • Somehow Diggle is even more badass with a baby hanging on his chest. = +3pts
  • New computer-based villain Brother Eye blocks out the city! Arrow and… Roy (we need a name for him) away! = +3pts
  • Felicity’s hacktivism days (and former boyfriend) have caught up to her and are taking over. But, Felicity can’t deal with it, because her Mom is so embarrassing you guys! = +1pt
  • Felicity and her mom get kidnapped = -6pts (It’d be easier to count the people who haven’t been kidnapped on this show.)
  • Yes Roy, it’s pretty awesome you shot a rocket launcher with an arrow, but for Christ’s sake you’re still in a firefight! Keep dodging those bullets! = -3pts
  • Felicity and her mom make amends through the ultimate bonding mechanism: A near death experience. = +3pts
  • Roy has dreams that (dramatic pause) he killed Sara in the most over the top ridiculous way possible! = -4pts.
Episode 6
  • Laurel Lance studying boxing under Ted Grant, who turns out to be a real shitty teacher and sparring partner. = -4pts
  • Oliver is against it, because he doesn’t want her to get hurt, but he’s just jealous that Laurel found another Starling City vigilante martial artist who has a similar code of justice. = +3pts
  • Add blood testing to the ever-growing list of Felicity’s skills that don’t seem to be useful for a technology expert. = +3pts
  • BOXING GLOVE ARROW! = (The nanobots have no way of calculating this level of awesome, so instead they are using emoticons to indicate a well-deserved slow clap.)
  • Flashback Ollie learns to channel his inner Sherlock Holmes mind palace through meditation. = +4pts
  • Sidekick vengeance against Ted Grant. = +6pts
  • Hey, maybe we should find more definitive proof, before we all start confessing to murders. = -8pts
  • Sidekick show down! = +8pts
  • Oliver shows Roy the same meditation trick, and Roy discovers that last season during his Mirakuru overdose he killed a cop…. Someone probably should have told him that. = -10pts
  • Arsenal begins! = +6pts
Episode 7
  • Oliver discovers the horrid, disturbing depths of the menace known as “fan girls.” = +4pts
  • Ray Palmer shirtless! = +15pts (Extra points added due to lack of shirtlessness in this entire season.)
  • Oliver confesses to Cupid during their fight that his life is really lonely as the amazingly attractive leader of a team of equally attractive vigilantes. You don’t want to know his pain. = +3pts
  • Give Cupid to the Suicide Squad. What could go wrong? = -4pts
  • Diggle tells Ollie what the fans have been demanding for nearly two years now (and what the writers have only just figured out). = -6pts.
  • Ollie walks in on Superman returning his lips to Felicity’s… Okay the joke only worked once. = -2pts
  • Olicity Smash! = +3pts
Episode(s) score: +31pts
Season Score = +83pts

This season continues to be a lot of fun. Sure it’s silly, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense from simple story perspectives, but the show continues to have a lot of fun with new villains, new allies, bigger action scenes, and well-timed shirtlessness. Not an easy task. We hope to see much more in the future, and coming up next week, as we take on the epic crossover of Arrow and The Flash.

We can’t wait!

Score Technician: Nick Enquist

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