Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 9

The prison group’s final showdown with The Governor left them sans both a nemesis and a home, scattered (seemingly) to the four winds. Can AMC provide the survivors with a path forward through the rubble without losing any of the momentum or goodwill built up from last year’s explosive mid-season finale? We let the nanobots decide.

  • Some new pets for Michonne. = +5pts 
  • It’s a measure of Michonne’s respect for Hershel that she dislodges his severed head from her katana with her hand and not her foot. = +7pts 
  • Not even Rick’s best Batman impersonation can get Carl to slow the pace of his walking. = +4pts 
  • Hey, Carl, the fact that society has collapsed under the weight of the nigh-endless waves of ambulatory cadavers doesn’t give you license to use that sailor talk. = -2pts 
  • Holy shit, Michonne’s dream. = +16pts 
  • Carl puts down three walkers single-handed. = +9pts 
  • …But doesn’t quite have the chops to pull off the “telling off my comatose dad” scene convincingly. = -4pts 
  • Post-apocalypse faux pas: Michonne and the female zombie alongside her show up to a herd gathering with the same hair style/vacant stare. = +3pts 
  • Also, with no solicitation from this technician whatsoever, the nanobots have spit out a fanfic short involving Michonne and her zombie doppelganger. = +8pts (It gets pretty steamy about four pages in.) 
  • Carl’s running start at the locked front door. = +5pts 
  • Carl comes down with a sudden spell of “shooting like a storm trooper.” = -3pts 
  • …But he still taunts the zombie who almost got him by eating a giant can of pudding on the house’s awning, just out of its reach. = +6pts 
  • Ending of the episode lands on just the wrong side of the “important character epiphany/The More You Know PSA from the ‘80s” divide. = -12pts

Total Score = +42pts
Season Score = +190pts

Even though the episode ended on a bit of a heavy-handed note, it was a pretty fine way to kick things off again. The nanobots are eager to check in with the rest of the survivors in the coming weeks.

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